Kitchen Knife Sharpener with Coarse Medium and Fine 3–Stage Knife Sharpening System for Repair, Restore and Polish Blades, Ideal Knife Sharpeners for Chef's Choice

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3-STAGE KNIFE SHARPENING SYSTEM: Our knife sharpeners have a 3-slot design including rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing grinding. This is to ensure that you always have the right sharpener for the demand at the knife, whether it is grinding blunt knives, daily sharpening knives, or polishing grinding&burr.

HIGH QUALITY: The rough grinding part of this knife sharpener uses tungsten steel blades, the middle grinding is diamond wheels, and the fine grinding is aviation ceramics. Different materials can meet your different sharpening needs. The body is made of plastic and rubber.

ANTI-SLIP PROTECTION: The non-slip handle and the sharpener base are equipped with some rubber materials, which make the handle comfortable to hold and increase the friction between the knife sharpener base and the desktop. This design ensures a stable sharpening process and operational safety.

WIDELY AND EASILY USED: This kitchen knife sharpener is perfect suitable for bone cutters, slicing knives, small kitchen knives, fruit knives and home used stainless steel kitchen knives. During rough grinding, pull the knife back with different force according to different knife, repeat 5 times. When performing fine grinding, keep the blade vertical, and then pull the knife back about 5 times.

INGENIOUS DESIGN: The sharpening head of the knife sharpener is removable, so it is very easy to clean. This design can ensure the hygiene of the kitchen knife sharpener and escort the health of you and your families.


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