BBQ Oil Bottle Brush 2 Pieces, Bottle Baster Brush for BBQ and Cooking, Glass Oil Bottle with Silicone Oil Brush

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Silicone oil brush bottle, simple in shape, can control the amount of oil, no oil leakage or wasting oil, transparent dust-proof cover, bottle glass manufacturing, straight barrel design, Comfortable to hold.

Food-grade silicone, healthy and odorless, resistant to 220°C high temperature, flexible and not easy to break, fine and uniform application, no lint, tight and no shedding, can be used repeatedly, easy to clean

Dust cover design, multiple protections, keep any dust on the brush head, prevent mosquitoes from contacting

The design of the oil return groove, there is an oil return hole inside, to prevent the oil from overflowing, automatically return to save oil, it is an excellent kitchen tool for baking, cooking and grilling.

Transparent oil bottle, you can clearly see the amount of oil, selected soda glass bottles, elegant and beautiful, used for outdoor barbecue, steak brushing oil, brushing honey water, fried eggs, etc.

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