Kitchen Tongs, Stainless Steel Cooking Tongs Best for Cooking and Grilling Salad Fish Thick Steak Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs (11.6in)

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Comfortable in hand, grips securely without crushing food and keeps hands safe from heat.

Suitable for home party, breakfast, afternoon tea, feast, wedding celebrations or daily use for home, hotel and restaurant.

Long handles keep hands safely away from grill.

Durable and safe: these kitchen tongs are made from stainless steel with good resistance to rust and heat, non-toxic and safe to use, durable and reusable; With smooth surface avoid food residues lingering on them

Multiple uses: small serving tongs suitable for indoor or outdoor use, practical for flipping fish, cutting roast meat, kitchen tasks, grilling corn or as a BBQ turner or salad server and so on

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